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‘We are with you’: 22 East London housing estates stand in solidarity with Grenfell

A gesture of love and solidarity from estates and communities in East London to Grenfell and their local community.


Remembering Lord Joel Joffe

The world will miss the lawyer and philantrophist who defended Mandela and was chair of Oxfam, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Environmental groups are taking Norway to court over oil drilling in the Arctic

It’s against the Constitution, and means Norway will not respect the Paris Agreement, argues Tina Andersen Vågenes.

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‘Dirty Fashion’ report reveals pollution in big brands’ supply chains

How H&M, Zara and Marks & Spencer are buying viscose from highly polluting factories in Asia. By Natasha Hurley.


Celebrating 10 years of the Gloucestershire Services Project

The community behind the project provides a reason to be cheerful amidst the terrible news of the past few weeks, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Abused and abandoned: Struggles facing Congo’s returning girl soldiers

Sandra Olsson examines the often overlooked role of female child soldiers and the difficulties endured at war and at home.

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An interminable trial for tweeting – when will it end?

Bahraini human rights defender Nabeel Rajab was arrested 365 days ago for tweets against the war in Yemen, and his 13th hearing of his endless trial is tomorrow, writes Sophie Baggott.


UK general elections: the result viewed by an outsider

Indian writer Mari Marcel Thekaekara was in Britain during the elections, and writes her impression of campaigns and results.


Corbyn’s achievement sends us a rare, resounding message: hope

As May forms an unholy alliance with the DUP, there is a sense that a movement has been born, writes Jamie Kelsey-Fry.

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The earth just moved…

In the wake of the election results, Chris Brazier reflects on a momentous night in British politics.

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UK General Election: Youth #votingforhope

Young people don’t vote, we’re told. It’s time for you to prove them wrong, writes Jim Cranshaw.

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