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New Internationalist's picks for films of the month

Machines; The Other Side of Hope: what should be on your watchlist this month.

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Mixed media: film reviews

The Handmaiden; Frantz: have a look at the film reviews of the month.

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Mixed media: film reviews

A Quiet Passion; The Salesman: have a look at the film reviews of the month.

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Mixed media: film reviews

Certain Women, directed by Kelly Reichardt; Elle, directed by Paul Verhoeven; Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins.

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Mixed Media: Film

Our pick of recent and new releases.

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Film reviews

Malcolm Lewis reviews Chi-Raq and The Unknown Girl.

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Mixed Media: Films

I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach; The Innocents, directed and co-written by Anne Fontaine.

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Ken Loach on 'I, Daniel Blake': what happens when people leave the cinema?

The media present poverty as the fault of the poor, Ken Loach tells Malcolm Lewis in this interview.

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Mixed Media: Films

The Clan, directed and co-written by Pablo Trapero; Urban Hymn, directed by Michael Caton-Jones.


Mixed Media: Films

The Lovers and the Despot, directed and written by Ross Adam and Robert Cannan; The Confession, directed by Ashish Ghadiali.

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HotDocs Festival - Film review special

Richard Swift reviews some of the best offerings at the world’s largest documentary film festival.

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