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The Left’s betrayal

Urvashi Butalia feels betrayed by politicians on the Left who embrace globalization.

Palestine's Mandela

One man may hold the key for unity among the Palestinians

We are football

Uruguayans remain a ‘footballized’ people, according to Eduardo Galeano.

The making of an Islamic Jack the Ripper

View from Gujranwala – Abbas Zaidi tells the chilling story of an Islamic Jack the Ripper.

Guns and justice in the Niger Delta

Rebels in the Niger Delta have taken up arms – Ike Oguine explains what lies behind their resistance.

  • December 19, 2007
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Mugabe: saint, sinner or same?

Why does the West think that Mugabe has changed?

The landscape of the future

Urvashi Butalia on a cityscape of the future.

Visa quid pro quo

The US makes it difficult for Bolivians to gain visas, so why shouldn’t Bolivian President Evo Morales make it equally hard for US visitors? Jim Shultz explores the visa quid pro quo.

A visit to my hometown

A return to his hometown for a funeral brings Ike Oguine face to face with ancient ceremonies and certainties that make the world of politics seem like another country.

a narrow victory

Africans are desperate to protect hard-won democracy, as Ike Oguine explains.


The Berlin Wall was considered an outrage. But where, asks Eduardo Galeano, is the outrage at the other walls being erected around the world, in Israel, Western Sahara and the US?

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