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The Berlin Wall was considered an outrage. But where, asks Eduardo Galeano, is the outrage at the other walls being erected around the world, in Israel, Western Sahara and the US?

Caste and quotas

Urvashi Butalia on why there’s no level playing field when it comes to ‘merit’ in India.

The Real Aim

The real aim of the bombs falling on Lebanon is regime change, argues Uri Avnery, a former member of Israel’s parliament.

Bolivia's new politics

The victory of Leftist indigenous leader Evo Morales in the Bolivian presidential election has engendered real hope of change, as Gretchen Gordon and Jim Shultz report.

Filed in: Bolivia and Politics

Poverty and corruption

A young man’s death forces Urvashi Butalia to come to terms with corruption.

Filed in: India and Poverty

The trouble with models

View from Lagos by Ike Oguine

The second founding of Bolivia

Indigenous leader Evo Morales’ election victory continues to cause shockwaves around the world. Eduardo Galeano sees it as symbolizing the second founding of Bolivia.

Prohibited items

Travelling through Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and the US, Eduardo Galeano is searched for ‘prohibited items’.

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And all the jokes are cruel

Ama Ata Aidoo on God, Ghana and the cruellest of jokes.

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The opening of Delhi’s new subway line has been a cause for much celebration and joyriding, as Urvashi Butalia explains

Artists of pain and hope

Two writers who uncover the heart of Africa, introduced by Ike Oguine.

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