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Can the migrants who make it convince others not to risk it?

How Senegal is trying to involve the diaspora to curb emigration. By Sofia Christensen

Filed in: European Union and Senegal

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The day Colombia’s FARC guerrilla ceases to exist as an armed group

The guerrillas are handing weapons over to the UN, but they are in fear. Thomas Mortensen reports from Urabá.

Filed in: Colombia


‘The borderless Republic’: Sheffield celebrates migration

Britain’s largest festival about refugees and sanctuary is more relevant than ever, writes Lydia Noon.

Filed in: United Kingdom

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Lost in exile: The forgotten Chagos Islanders of West Sussex

A group of Indian Ocean islanders, forcibly removed from their homes 50+ years ago and deported to England, are still fighting for recognition and basic rights. By Alexi Demetriadi.

Filed in: Chagos and United Kingdom

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Death and re-birth of a lake: How water came back to the dry Aral Sea

The once-world’s fourth biggest lake was thought gone forever and a source of decades of environmental disaster. But something is changing.

Filed in: Kazakhstan


Domestic violence: victims are left on their own in Pakistan

The lack of laws is leading to a scary rise in domestic violence in some of Pakistan’s provinces, writes Mahwish Qayyum


UK General Election: Why Theresa May’s approach to social mobility is incoherent

Simon Chandler analyses the Tory manifesto and May’s speeches, and explains why their efforts to tackle inequality are a facade

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Finding home: Lack of affordable housing is a crisis across the West

With house prices and rents soaring, can there be a remedy to homelessness? Wayne Ellwood investigates.

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Is Brussels training human traffickers in Libya?

Human traffickers in Libya might be benefiting from a controversial EU training program worth millions. Karlos Zurutuza reports.

Filed in: Libya

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Western democracies set low standards as global media freedom declines

Trump and politicians in other democracies are normalising attacks on the press, warns Reporters Without Borders. By Alessio Perrone.

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Is Arkansas’s execution parade justice or expedience?

Although it has been put on hold, Arkansas’ planned series of executions has raised again the issue of capital punishment, writes Robert Walsh.

Filed in: United States

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