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Sustainability: Searching for solutions

The evidence is clear that excessive consumption, inefficient and unnecessary production and vast quantities of waste have combined to put the future of humankind and the planet in question. At the same time, the distribution of available resources and wealth is highly skewed: a fifth of the world’s people live in dire poverty.
How to find a way out of the morass? The NI examines the thorny path to sustainability.

November 2000, Issue 329

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Searching for sustainability
The planet is reeling from growth-at-all-costs. Can an eco-disaster be far off? Wayne Ellwood says it's time to declare a truce with Mother Earth.
How to catch a monkey
A parable about letting go and gaining more.
Natural capitalism
Can the market lead us to an eco-friendly world? Not without a stiff dose of politics, argues Mary Jane Patterson.
Shell game
Stephanie Boyd reports on one oil company's attempt to polish its image in the Peruvian Amazon.
Sustainable forestry may be an oxymoron. But there's light in the woods, says Ruth Abramson.
Printing our own money
Jeff Powell reports on Thailand's first alternative currency - a scheme which has ruffled a few official feathers.
How Earth-friendly are you?
Add up your score on this sustainability audit. And get some tips on how you might improve.
Eat, sleep, buy, die
Economic growth has become a process of cannibalization, according to Johnathan Rowe.
Little feats
Could you live a decent life consuming only what you'd be entitled to in an equal world? We talk to Erica Sherwood and Jim Merkel. who are trying to do just that.
Rhythms of life
Farida Azhar-Hewitt documents seasonal life in northern Pakistan where traditional respect for the limits of local ecosystems is under increasing threat.
View from the South
Eduardo Galeano on searching for Kafka and the secrets of a creaking windmill.
Worldbeaters: Michael Moore
First New Zealand, now the world. The WTO chief spreads the gospel of globalization.
Mixed Media
Film, music and book reviews this month.
Essay - Remembering the future
Carmen Rodriguez returns from exile to Chile, the land of her birth, and discovers signs of reconciliation and hope.