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The narrative of mental distress and illness often focuses on the individual: it is they who have a problem and they who must work on their recovery. Yet the anxieties that trigger many mental disorders often arise from the social and economic conditions people find themselves in. While the sale of psychiatric drugs rockets, no pill exists yet to treat fragmented communities or the social ravages of greed-based economies.

Plus: Should India still receive foreign aid? • Xstrata: killing fields in Peru • Commie kids – bringing up baby on the Left

May 2012, Issue 452

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A healthy mind in a healthy society
Mental health shouldn’t just be about individuals; we need strong communities too. Dinyar Godrej makes the case.
Mental Health – the facts
Prevalence, provision, dangerousness and discrimination-related figures for mental illness worldwide: a zoomable infographic.
Tears are good medicine
Young First Nations people in Manitoba tackle their number one problem – suicide among their peers. Janet Nicol reports.
Our trauma is not your trauma
The past is always present for Burmese refugees in Thailand. Nick Harvey witnesses health workers adapt their approach to this reality.
Liberating communities from prejudice in Ghana, by Peter Yaro.
Utopia or bust
Consumer culture is collective insanity, says John F Schumaker.
Xstrata's killing fields
Look at Peru if you think mining giant Xstrata should merge with Glencore. Stephanie Boyd reports.
Muddy waters
Big business sees water scarcity as a profit opportunity. Joyce Nelson uncovers the Aqueduct Alliance’s dodgy dealings.
Gone for soldiers
The reality of conflict, from World War One to Afghanistan, has had a terrible impact on Joe Glenton and his family.
Should India still receive foreign aid?
NGO director Jamal Kidwai and activist and writer Praful Bidwai go head-to-head - read their arguments and join the debate.
Indian skin, Albion voice
With Britain approaching Jubilee June, a reinterpretation of ‘Englishness’ from musician Bishi is timely, says Louise Gray.
Films, books and music from around the world reviewed.
Eurovision re-opens old wounds in the Caucasus
Azerbaijan's hosting of the event on 26 May has caused tensions in the region as Armenia pulls out.
Eritrea's wretched independence
The country's 30-year war with Ethiopia has been followed by 21 years of repression, says Saleh 'Gadi' Johar.
Tuaregs hard hit by Mali conflict
Coal? No thanks
In brief
Small bites
Reasons to be cheerful
Your correspondence.
Country Profile: Guatemala
Facts, figures and ratings.
Puzzle Page
Axe's classic crossword is joined by a wordsearch and ‘Sudokey’
Southern Exposure
Syrian political cartoonist Ali Ferzat.
Tom Kocherry, fisher for justice
The 71-year-old legend of social movement politics in India shows no signs of slowing down, as Richard Swift discovers.
Letter from Botswana
Football fever gives Lauri Kubuitsile reason to hope.
Mark Engler
Now is not the time to hate the state
View From Peshawar
Journalist Manzoor Ali on his dangerous profession.
Steve Parry
Not in front of the children!
Julian Assange
An exclusive interview with the WikiLeaks founder.