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Escape to the street

More and more young people are becoming homeless across the West. Catherine Yeomans reports on how to tackle the issue

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Death and re-birth of a lake: How water came back to the dry Aral Sea

The once-world’s fourth biggest lake was thought gone forever and a source of decades of environmental disaster. But something is changing.

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India's ‘Smart City’ plan stumbles over slums

India’s $15 billion grand project to transform cities into models of tech and infrastructural innovation is already in trouble. Nimisha Jaiswal investigates

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Homelessness – the facts

Everything you need to know about homelessness, from this month’s magazine.

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How do you break the homelessness cycle?

Sian Griffiths reports on a no-nonsense movement which is reshaping traditional solutions to chronic homelessness

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Domestic violence: victims are left on their own in Pakistan

The lack of laws is leading to a scary rise in domestic violence in some of Pakistan’s provinces, writes Mahwish Qayyum

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UK General Election: Why Theresa May’s approach to social mobility is incoherent

Simon Chandler analyses the Tory manifesto and May’s speeches, and explains why their efforts to tackle inequality are a facade

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Finding home: Lack of affordable housing is a crisis across the West

With house prices and rents soaring, can there be a remedy to homelessness? Wayne Ellwood investigates.

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Meet the volunteers breaking Ukraine's trauma taboo

Michiel Driebergen and Alex Masi tell the story of Ukranians providing much-needed psychological support in war-torn areas.

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Why are there still British military bases in Cyprus?

The island may want to determine its own future, but Britain and the US have other ideas. Darren Loucaides reports.

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‘We are ready’: why West Papuan independence isn't just a dream

What would a free West Papua look like? Independence leaders from the government-in-waiting lay out their visions for a free country.

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